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Michael Moody is a UX Design lead who works with startups or established teams building beautiful applications.


Measures in Math Education (WIP)

North Carolina State University

Working with a group of mathematicians at NCSU, we are identifying and compiling mathematics measures with validity evidence. Essentially this will be a searchable database of quantitative measures for math educators.


Healthcare Decision Support

Fidelity NetBenefits

Healthcare can be very confusing and most consumers aren't sure they have the correct coverage for themselves or their families. The Healthcare Support Tool is driven by AI and references 4.88 Billion de-identified medical claims to provide the user with their best fit medical plan!


Math Mapper

North Carolina State University

Math-Mapper 6-8 is comprised of a middle grades mathematics learning map, links to free web-based resources, a diagnostic assessment system, and other tools for teachers to support students in navigating the middle grades mathematics terrain.

3D Product Page3

3D Product Mockup

Quickly display your products on any device in any setting!

Scouring the web to find the right mockup for your product can be challenging. I created an interactive solution giving you the freedom to showcase your product the way you envision.


3D Virtual Trainer

General Dynamics

Created a virtual solution for an Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) listing over 1,000 assets and 4,000 pages of technical data. The work was completed over 14 months and also included a technician dashboard and 3D virtual tour of Command Operations to familiarize Marines with their environment prior to being deployed.


3D Virtual Trainer with Integrated Logistics

Defense Contractor

Created a hybrid dashboard immersing the client in a virtual space with easy-to-understand high-level feedback. Every model has integration points to display live data feeds associated with summarized failure data, obsolete components, and customers' inventory of spares.