This is the breakdown for my most recent demo reel. I tried to describe some of my workflows and discoveries I learned along the way. There was a ton of late nights and weekends to get it to this state. I'd really like to get into AR/VR in the near future.



Putting my “man card” on the table here, I got this idea from the lantern scene in Frozen. It’s a simple cube mesh I created in 3D Studio Max and textured in Photoshop. I pulled those into Element3D and generated the scene. Originally I was have having issues with getting depth in the scene (all the lanterns were the same brightness) and resolved that, best I could, with modifying the Fog color and depth inside Element3D . The lights use a wiggle expression to mimic candles.



This shot was from a generic pharmaceutical pitch I was creating. The pills were created in 3DS Max/ Photoshop and the animation was generated in After Effects using Element3D.



How far can you take a poly sphere and a cone? That’s pretty much all that was used to generate this scene. On my first pass I used Element3D’s low poly sphere, increased the count to 15k instances and manipulated the noise to get the crawling effect. I wanted to give it the feel of legs that was helping it move and added a cone. The idea of this shot took a day or so but the execution was completed in a couple hours but make sure you got tons of RAM to render this beast.


Corporate Logos

I have created many logos in the past but none more brutal than for my own company Sanction Studios. Everyone was a Chief and I was the lone Indian. This was a couple years ago when I was just learning Illustrator and was a great opportunity to get familiar with the tools.

One lesson I have learned in creating branding/products  for others is listen closely and find out what they are about. Most times they will have an idea but aren't sure what they want. Its up to you to take those and turn them into something beautiful.



This model was created by Alan Rueda for a project we collaborated on together. I used this model as a base for Element3D and wanted to play with camera movements, animation, and texture swaps with the lights on the keyboard.



This is my take on Flat UI and is part of the generic drug cinematic mentioned above.



A new training company sent me the Unboreme file with a custom font they had created and asked if I could polish it up and create an intro animation.  I modified the “O” to match the other letters and added a cap to reinforce learning. I felt this added to their branding and gave them something they could build an identity around. I added long shadows for a playful look to the design and went with tradition squash and stretch animation for the final cinematic.



First off, anyone who know me will tell you there’s no way I’d be out camping! As long as there’s darkness, Jason in a ski mask and Bigfoots running around I’ll stay in a room. I wanted to create a flat style for the environment and give it a campy feel.



I saw this on one of the template sites and thought it was really cool and wanted to learn how they did it. First I created a tube in 3D Studio and flipped the normals, then exported the OBJ. In AE, I created a comp with 14 colors and animated a blank frame through those. I generated an AVI from the comp and imported it as a Custom Layer in Element3D. I am sure there was a better way to do this with expressions but the end result was what I was looking for.



Working with bounce and text flow. This was made much easier using the Motion plugin for AE.


Raleigh Snow

Anyone who has experienced the slightest mention of snow in the south will understand the Thunder Dome mentality that comes from it. The roads are gridlocked and all the stores are ransacked of core pantry items like bread, milk and eggs.  We get real crazy, real fast!

I saw some videos of traffic in China and couldn't stop watching them. I downloaded some of the footage and applied filters in AE to get the small world look. The other UI was also done in AE.


Food Insecurity

Many families in the US send their kids to bed hungry every night. Its disheartening to know that the greatest super power in the world is unable to support all of its population with basic necessities, training and job opportunities. This was my first project I did in After Effects and as a great learning opportunity.



This is a Training Solution we developed at Sanction Studios. Using the standards of the National Training Laboratories, we developed a training platform using the Tell, Try and Test methodology. This clip is part of a larger video discussing our product fundamentals.


Speak (Truth)

I have a quote I keep on a post-it I had found a couple years ago.

"Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes"

How often do we take a passive stance that we know is wrong to avoid confrontation?



(Speak) Truth

I wanted to mix this message with the old school flipping tiles of an alarm clock. The End result was pretty clean so I built a grime map in Photoshop and set it as an overlay on the comp to give it more color depth


iCare - IK Rigs

For the iCare cinematic I created 4 rigs (mother and child front view and 3/4 view) to cover the shots requested from the customer. The art was imported from Illustrator and rigging was completed in 3-4 days. I used the standard women's icon for the mother and child to keep ethnicity generic.


iCare - Goals

It’s a sad truth but everyday millions of women and young girls are sold into sex slavery. I started this video for a non-profit in Georgia that works to get these girls off the street and give them a safe place for them and their children.


iCare- Training

This was my first attempt at character animation and all the animations were completed in under a week. There was a lot of learning with this project with the Puppet Tool and DUIK. I hope to learn more about Adobe Character program in the near future.


War of the Worlds- Tripod

Building off the lessons learned on the iCare project, I wanted to recreate the first scene, in War of  the Worlds, where the Tripod comes out of the ground. I also added some subtle effects  like the steam discharge from the horn blowing and rolling dust under the feet.



I had an idea to display my qualifications in a Mobile Game UI. Not really much more to add here but it still may have some work that needs to be done to get the point across.


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