My fondest professional experience has to be working within Game Teams. There is so much talent and people with diverse backgrounds that force creativity and thinking outside of the box. From polished offices and perks of the industries largest developers to the shabby one room incubators with 10 developers sitting on top of each other; those are memories I cherish almost everyday.

AAA Development

Below are some of the titles I have worked on in my career as a game developer. It was an incredible journey that I hold close to my heart.


Mobile Games

Have you ever lived in an exciting place like the beach? You seldom went (because it was there) then when you moved away you wish you had spent more time enjoying the sun and sand?

Well then..... I would like to introduce you to JANE (AKA Neon Chain, AKA SEANN, etc,). The game is based off a prototype done in flash by Clint Little. We have completed it once- wanted it to be more sexy- did it in high end 3D but lost momentum- ripped it back down to basic 2D components in Unity....and there it sits in our depot.....our beach:). Maybe one day we will complete it.



This was a game we were wanting to pair up with heart rate monitors to train people how to manage their stress levels by maintaining steady heart rate and breathing. MagFORCE is a 360 Interior Tube Runner. Mix the old School Tempest with a Bass filled soundtrack, Neon Lights, Gems and you get a 360 Runner we call MagFORCE. Navigate Barriers, Rolling Obstacles, Holes and closing gates all while Defying  Gravity! How long will you survive? (Concept images by other)


Serious Games and Cinematics

For the last 7 years, I have led the development of trainers (game based and pre-rendered cinematics) that immerse our military into environments, scenarios and circumstances they will face abroad. From specialized battlefield tactics, IED recovery and diffusal to bio-metrics and identification, I am proud to have helped train our men and women serving this country. (Due to the nature and classification of these projects I am unable to show any of the work or discuss details outside of general production methods.)

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