Pre Production

Here are some of my latest ideas that are somewhere in production or shelved to revisit later.

Chuck Norris

So who doesn't really love a good Chuck Norris joke? I was experimenting with vector portraits and came up with the idea to create this animated short. I have the bones for the animation done. I'm still working on an ending for the joke, maybe the planet mars on fire or something like that. I also need to put in some work on sound editing. (Illustrator, After Effects)

Silly Cat

I had a couple ideas on this one. The first was the cat playing with the moon and he popped it like a balloon. I thought it was pretty cool but when I showed it to my daughters they didn't get it. So I went back to the drawing board.

Version 2 is the cat playing with a laser pointer. I want to have him hit the dot then have him puff up from a shock or put a pickle on the screen to get the same effect. Still on the drawing board with this one. (Illustrator, After Effects)

Death Metal Rooster

One of my all time favorite YouTube videos is the Death Metal Rooster. If you aren't familiar then I urge you to seek it out. I still need to rig this thing in After Effects and mimic the movements of a chicken. (Illustrator)


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