Web Design/ Application UX

Career Support Services

Project Overview

Customer: Career Support Services

Industry: Education

Vision: Career Support Services has developed a curriculum for college students and graduates helping them transition into the competitive job market through effective resume writing and how to ace an interview. The UI is customizable for universities that sign up as partners, their colors and collegiate mascots can easily be integrated.

Solution: Keep the training engaging and relevant with the incorporation of a cartoon mascot. We are still early in development and need to address the dashboard, accounts and other lesson art to get the prototype ready for market.  I will keep updating this section as new changes are added.


UX Wireframes


UX Overview

The courses cover a variety of topics from getting started with your resume all the way through interview best practices. All the lessons begin with a pre-assessment followed by the courseware. At the end of each course, the student is given an assessment to test their comprehension.



Interactive Lesson Asset

This is an early prototype from the software teaching college students the importance of a good resume. The animations will have an iPhone 10 wrapper around the UI and eventually be timed to a narrated script. The UI was created in Sketch and animated in Flinto.