Bear logo

I started work on a logo for a friend's company, 'Black Bear'. They wanted an aggressive version for certain niche clients and swag. I spent a fair amount of time researching different images of bears and found one that felt right. I put a couple of adjusments on the raw image and began to trace out the bear and add details. The logo was completed over a weekend using Affinity Designer.

Bear Logo

Infographics- Cornerstone Montgomery

Working through the Taproot Foundation, I created these infographics for Cornerstone to use in their marketing materials. Cornerstone is the largest and most comprehensive provider of behavioral health services in Montgomery County, MD. If you are looking to volunteer any of your time to a worthy cause, Taproot works with a large group of non-profits who could use your help.





Affinity Designer

I have been looking for a replacement for the Adobe products that have become very expensive at every level. I bought Affinity Designer and have been very impressed with its capabilities compared to Illustrator. There are pros and cons, but a $50 one-time fee vs Adobe $450/yr I think it's worth the leap. Here is a scene created in 6 hours (including learning the application).


Marketing Materials (tri-fold)

This was my first attempt at creating anything marketing related. We were attending conferences or just meeting people around town and had nothing to hand out to define what we do. I spent a couple days researching marketing materials and mixed that in with some of the still images I had created for other clients. The brochures went through multiple iterations on visuals, icons and messaging until we felt like we got it right.


"Peel" Themed Slide Deck

I had read an article that spoke about boring your client with stock clip art and icons in your presentations.  I had never used stock images but took the point to heart and started anew. The concept ("peel") is by no means original, but it was a step up from what from the old slide deck. Below are a few pages from the current deck. (Adobe Illustrator)



Take them to another world with an immersive, interactive environment regardless of constraints. These valuable 2D or 3D training and educational experiences can help you standardize training - even training in restricted or limited access areas - are scalable and convenient. Serious games are engaging and allow for self-paced training - which promotes cognizance and retention - and helps you gain efficiencies in a budget, time and accessibility. Link this with your current Learning Management System (LMS) to better track the education of your workforce and understand where your training requirements truly are.


Interactive Weapons Trainer

This is a trainer for a weapons manufacturer to show customers how to rebuild, upgrade and/or care for their rifles. This was a pilot program that allows the customer to explode the weapon into individual parts; orbit and zoom in on an area of interest and click on the part to order a replacement or get manufacturer specs. I developed the concept and design for the product, front end UI, coordinated with Art and Engineering to get the rifle created and migrated into engine. I call this product Interactive Schematics.


Low Poly Painting

I saw some examples of low poly art and wanted to give it a shot. I must have been in the zone because I worked right through lunch and forgot to pick up my daughter from school, DOH! I really enjoyed the process and plan on creating a couple more of my favorite animals. I made a variation of the art with outlines but those seem to take away the character that I was going for. (Photoshop, Illustrator)


Isometric Painting

I've seen a couple of these type of isometic tiles that are usually 3D geometry. It took me a while to wrap my head around the process and forgetting the rules of perspective. The scene is built using approximately 30 images I found on the web, along with some hand painting,  on a 30 degree grid.

I was searching for some sort of beach statistics to include elements of infographics. A thought came to mind "where do you hang your hat" and from my younger days, as a surfer in Myrtle Beach, I remembered the term "Hang Ten". It took a couple times moving this around to get the weighting correct. I added some faux rays and the circle and played it as the light source (sun) for the composition. I liked the way both sayings came together.  (Photoshop)


BBQ Fundraiser

A friends mother lost her house and all her possessions in the 2016 Louisiana floods. She's 85 and trying to get her life back together. I thought a good ole' BBQ dinner might help generate some money to help her out.  I created a flyer (image right) for Print and an HD version (image left) for the projection screen. These flyers we created in about a day and all vector graphics. (Illustrator)


Death Metal Rooster

One of my all time favorite YouTube videos is the Death Metal Rooster. If you aren't familiar then I urge you to seek it out. I still need to rig this thing in After Effects and mimic the movements of a chicken. (Illustrator)