UFO Loading

Cattle abduction

I got the idea for a cow abduction while uploading files to a slow server. These kinds of things tend to happen late on Friday afternoons or when you are trying to leave the office early. I created this in Illustrator and put it together in After Effects.

Who Dare Wins

Motion tracking text on recorded video. This was done in After Effects.


How far can you take a poly sphere and a cone? That’s pretty much all that was used to generate this scene. On my first pass, I used Element3D’s low poly sphere, increased the count to 15k instances and manipulated the noise to get the crawling effect. I wanted to give it the feel of legs that was helping it move and added a cone. The idea of this shot took a day or so but the execution was completed in a couple of hours but make sure you got tons of RAM to render this beast. (After Effects, Element3D)

Raleigh Snow

One weekend I found myself watching traffic cams from India and China. The near collisions and unorthodox traffic flows kept me entertained for some time. This also reminded me of how it is in North Carolina when they call for a trace amount of snow. You would think the planet Nibiru had come to destroy the earth. Within hours ALL the bread, milk and gas are gone.  I recorded a 5 minute sample from the video stream and pulled it into After Effect. There I applied filters to the video to get the tilt shift look and created all the other graphics.


It’s a sad truth but every year millions of women and young girls are sold into sex slavery. I started this video for a non-profit in Georgia that works to get these girls off the street and provide them a safe place for them and their children. I created 4 rigs for the video (Mother and Child front view and ¾ view). After Effects, Duik. Right click on the video to loop playback

War of the Worlds- Tripod

I wanted to recreate the first scene, in War of  the Worlds, where the Tripod comes out of the ground. I also added some subtle effects  like the steam discharge when the horn blows and rolling dust under the feet (Illustrator and After Effects).


Conference Video

I created intro/outro animations for 22 guest speakers, panels and keynotes for the EFL 2017 conference held in Washington DC. I think the challenging thing for me was working with multiple screens and the varying content for each speaker. Though I caught on pretty quick once I got a grip on the process and Chris and Dan at Verge were very helpful with direction and feedback. (Photoshop, After Effect)

(Left Image) Center  stage and screen. (Video) The top portion of the video is projected to the center screen and the bottom projects to the left and right screens.


Works in progress

Chuck Norris

So who doesn't really love a good Chuck Norris joke? I was experimenting with vector portraits and came up with the idea to create this animated short. I have the bones for the animation done. I'm still working on an ending for the joke, maybe the planet mars on fire or something like that. I also need to put in some work on sound editing. (Illustrator, After Effects)


"You don't play with the KittyKitty" -Dr. Evil

Maybe I'm just a simple man but laser pointers and cats make for hours of entertainment. This is a work in progress testing motion in After Effects with the silhouette of a cat I created in Illustrator. (Illustrator, After Effects, Duik)


Coffee Grinder


This is a gif I created in After Effects. Not much more to tell on this one.