3D Virtual Trainer with Integrated Logistics (2015)

Managing multiple combat training systems for the DoD, the customer was having difficulty keeping clients engaged and updated on their programs due to the size and budgets that changed daily (sometimes hourly). The data to be reviewed is buried within 100s of pages of spreadsheets, multiple widgets, and other budgeting software. The solution needed to run in IE11 and utilize HTML5 with no plugin install since it was to run on secure networks only.


The vision was to generate a hybrid dashboard and merge it with 3D to immerse the client in a virtual space with easy-to-understand high-level information. Each model identifies structural components and expands to display lower-level subsystem and assembly level components. Every model has integration points to display live data feeds associated with summarized failure data, obsolete components, and customers' inventory of spares.

Red was requested for all primary color interactions which held to their established branding and style guides. 3D navigation icons were removed along with the real-time 3D models (IE11 WebGL constraints). The component is rotated by dragging the mouse left or right. This will render a series of 36 images to simulate a 3D object.


A sampling of vector iconography from 3D components (Illustrator)